GreyHawk Clients speak ...

Grant Carter is an astute architect of marketing strategy with an impressive track record of success in creating brand platforms that support profitable business growth.  Grant developed and implemented strategies that propelled growth to market leadership.  His experience is global in scope, with particular focus on helping forward-thinking North American companies identify and take advantage of global opportunities … highly professional yet gracious and warm in his business relationships.”

- Managing Director, Alexander Marketing Services, USA  



"[GreyHawk Consulting Group] created a market survey for us aimed at helping us penetrate the Electrical Safety market. It was a brilliant work product that far surpassed my expectations. It was easy to read and digest.  In addition to being an insightful marketing roadmap, I found it useful as a resource for our salespeople as well.  I highly recommend Grant and his work!                                                               

- US division leader of a $3B global business

“One of the most successful marketing professionals I’ve ever worked with, high integrity … relentless”

- CEO, $400M Canadian electrical distributor



“Brought leadership to his senior marketing and communications role at CSA Group.  As a long serving director and Past Chair of CSA, I have great respect for Grant's abilities and character and readily recommend him to others.”

   - CSA Group, Former Board Chair


“Grant's leadership of CSA Group's Marketing & Communications department was very inspiring to all members of the group. Grant is a true leader, showing strong ability to create a vision and motivate the team - by empowering each individual to show his/her capabilities. I was glad to be mentored by Grant, who gave me (and continues to) provide great advice in my career, which I value.”

- CSA Marketing team member